Middle School

We know that middle school is an incredibly important time in your child’s academic, social and emotional growth. That’s why we designed a curriculum that meets our students’ academic needs and encourages them to explore their passions at school and in their daily lives.


At Icon PublicSchool, our goal is to create powerful learning opportunities both in the classroom and through a vast array of extracurricular activities. Our comprehensive approach combines an integrated curriculum and creative teaching techniques with rich, extracurricular activities.

• tackle real-world problems that inspire them to think creatively and critically

• work collaboratively

• learn deeply in rich, academic subjects.

Our curriculum emphasizes deep learning experiences through classroom discussions, extended science labs, problem-solving opportunities, daily foreign language lessons and global learning experiences.

With our 1:1 (one computer for every student in computer lab), technology integration in the classroom and extensive library resources, your child will experience an intellectually rich academic environment at ICON.


Our teaching team comprises people who are passionate about their subject areas and dedicated to working with this dynamic age group.

Outside of the classroom, teachers are mentors, role models, club leaders and our students’ biggest fans – cheering them on at

sports games, checking out their latest art installation and giving them high fives for jobs well done.


We teach character development skills as a part of the regular curriculum, engaging our students to develop essential character traits including kindness, respect and integrity.

During the year, students demonstrate our values of character, service, knowledge and excellence while promoting school spirit.

With this approach, our middle school campus is an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Beyond the classroom, our students perform service in the community with fundraising efforts, charity drives and volunteer work.