We at Icon Believe that activities help students to learn new extracurricular skills, where these activities could stay with them for a lifetime.Extracurricular activities instil key skills and personality traits that can be helpful in other walks of life. Some examples, sports are key to developing teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills. These skills also boost the academic performance, Broader the kid’s social skills, helps to improve the time management and many more

Considering these activities as prior to our students we have designed a set of activities like Mandatory Activities which take place every day, Mental and Physical Activities go hand in hand with the Mandatory activities. Similar to the Academics a timetable is designed for the activity sessions too.

We also believe that learning needs to be done in a practical way and we encourage our kids with more of Field trips. Regular Competitions and Events moulds the kid to be sportive in any challenging environment.

The skills learnt definitely needs to be exhibited and we show case the students talents by celebrating various days like Sports Day, Annual Day and Awards Day.