The most important years of learning begin at birth. During these early years, humans are capable of absorbing more information than later on. The brain grows most rapidly in the early years. High quality teachers at our nursery can have a long-term effect on improving outcomes for students.

The areas of development that nursery education covers vary. However, at ICON the following main themes are typically offered.

1. Personal, social, economic and emotional development

2. Communication (including sign language), talking and listening

3. World knowledge and World Understanding

4. Creative and aesthetic development

5. Mathematical awareness

6. Physical development

7. Physical health

8. Play

9. Teamwork

10. Self-help skills

11. Social skills

12. Scientific thinking

13. Literacy

At ICON we observe standards for structure (administration, class size, student–teacher ratio, services), process (quality of classroom environments, teacher-child interactions, etc.) and alignment (standards, curriculum, assessments) components. Curriculum is designed for differing ages. For example, counting to 10 is generally after the age of three in Lower kindergarten.

At ICON, Nursery is "play based," rather than attempting to provide early formal instruction in academic subjects. "Playing with other children, away from adults, is how children learn to make their own decisions, control their emotions and impulses, see from others' perspectives, negotiate differences with others, and make friends," according to Dr. Peter Gray, US College professor and an expert on the evolution of play and its vital role in child development. "In short, play is how children learn to take control of their lives."

Schools have adopted various methods of teaching, such as Montessori, Waldorf, Head Start, HighScope, Reggio Emilia approach, Bank Street and Forest kindergartens.

But we at ICON Public School believe that more important than method of teaching is the implementation of methods.