High school

At the lower primary school level, we are committed to grooming each child to be a leader, an independent thinker and a team player. We place great emphasis on developing the breadth and balance of academics where our students thrive on outside-the-classroom challenges such as sport, music, arts and a set of other outdoor pursuits.



Objective:Students are confident about working with data, information and ideas

• Confident, assured about their knowledge, unwilling to take things for granted and always ready to take intellectual risks

• Keen to explore and evaluate ideas and arguments in a structured, logical and analytical way

• Able to confidently communicate and defend viewpoints and opinions, and respect and listen to those of others


Objective:Students are responsible for themselves, and respectful and considerate to others.

• Take ownership of their learning, set goals and targets, and insist on intellectual integrity

• Collaborate and support

• Comprehend that their actions have consequences and impact both others and the environment

• Appreciate the significance of culture, context and community


Objective:Students are reflective as learners and keep developing their ability to learn.

• They themselves are learners

• They are responsible for the processes as well as the outcome of their learning

• They need to develop a sense of awareness and identify strategies to be lifelong learners


Objective: Students are Innovative and prepared for new and future challenges.

• Embrace new challenges and meet them

• Are resourceful, creative and imaginative

• Can apply their knowledge and understanding to solve new and unfamiliar problems

• Are flexible and can adapt to a new situations and new ways of thinking


Objective: Students are intellectually and socially engaged and ready to make a difference.

• Curious and possess a spirit of enquiry

• Keen to new learn new skills and open to new ideas

• Able to work alone and also within a team

• Prepared for participating constructively in society and the economy, nationally as well as globally

The following key objectives are the focus of the curriculum at Lower Primary School:

• Inculcating high standards of language and literacy by equipping students with a strong command of the spoken and written word.

• Developing their love for literature through reading activities across a range of literary genres.

• Developing higher cognitive skills, especially the ability to think logically and follow the rules of logical inference.